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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Different Classes, Different Personalities

This past Friday marked my first time in front of classes of my own. I’ve guest lectured classes before. I’ve even taught a class with another graduate student for a short time will the class’ professor was in the hospital. But this is the very first time that all the responsibilities of the class are mine. Granted these are discussion sections of a larger lecture, which is supervised by a faculty member, but this is unlike any experience I’ve had before.

What was definitely interesting was that each of the three sections had their own individual identities. The first class seemed very creative and laid back. The second class was a bit more uptight, but seemed to be a group of real thinkers who examine ideas thoroughly. The final group is just fun, looking to spice up the class whenever possible. It will be a fun experience for me trying to relate the same information and do the same activities with three classes that are very different.


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