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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Deadline is Upon Me

The submission deadline is fast approaching for the International Communication Association’s annual conference. The due date is November 1. Getting something submitted, and subsequently accepted, is important if for no other reason than next year's conference is in Dresden, Germany.

I am preparing one paper for which I am the only author. It’s on a topic that Professor and Associate Dean for Research Annie Lang affectionately calls “gender crap.” It examines the emotional responses of females while they watch televised sports in which the gender of the athlete does not match up with the perceived gender of the sport.

In addition I am working on a paper with Professor Lang and fellow graduate student Gayle Nadorff about a project that I have been working on since fall of 2004: a content analysis dealing with the prevalence of stigmatizing portrayals of mental illness on television.

For a third paper I am working with Visiting Professor Sari Thomas and fellow graduate student Brian Wilson. This is another content analysis that deals with the coverage of music protests in a few major publications: The New York Times, Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, and (possibly) Billboard.

As you can see I have a very busy five days ahead of me. All of these papers are in various stages of completion, but all are due by this coming Tuesday.

November 1 is also my birthday. What a way to spend the day. At least I’ll have something to celebrate since turning 32 isn’t really that much of a milestone.


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