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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The News Gets Better and Better

For those of you out there wondering, it turns out that the colon cancer scare that my Mom had last month is not as bad as we thought it was, even after she had her colonoscopy. The more tests they do the more it appears that she does not have colon cancer at all.

What they believe it to be is appendix cancer.

Appendix cancer is very unusual, and is usually related to having colon cancer. Though my mom had her appendix removed when this whole ordeal started, she is scheduled to go back in the hospital for a bit of exploratory surgery to make sure that there is nothing on the outside of the colon since there are no signs of anything on the inside. She is expected to make a 100% recovery.

Thanks to everyone for all the positive thoughts and messages that we've received during this time!


  • Hello.

    My boyfriend was diagnosed with appendix cancer last year, so I know a bit about what you and your Mom are going through... Please make sure that your mother sees a Appendix Cancer specialist. Most doctors do not know about appendix cancer and tend to do the wrong things. PMPPals is a good source to start with or PMPbellybuttons (a Yahoo group site). If you are interested my site is

    Hope everything goes well with your Mom - Jennifer

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:26 PM  

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