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Saturday, October 01, 2005


I want to introduce everyone to the guy in the picture on the right. This guy is known by some as Superbeast. He is the current Roc City Wrestling Hardcore Champion. He’s a guy who has found a passion for something that many people don’t necessarily understand: professional wrestling. He trains hard to learn his sport and is dedicated to being the best wrestler that he can be. And he is finally finding some successes for his efforts.

Some of you reading might be wondering why I would feature a professional wrestler from the independent circuit. That question is easy to answer. He’s my little brother, Bill.

Bill isn’t one to brag about any of his accomplishments. I had to find out that he won this title by visiting the Roc City Wrestling webpage and reading the results for their September 2 Remember show. Granted we as a family have had a lot of other things on our minds as of late (our Mom being diagnosed with cancer, our sister getting into a recent car accident) but he never took the time to let anyone know that he had achieved one of his ultimate goals of winning a title. (For the record he has won this title before, but only held it for a few minutes before losing it. He currently has held this title for two weeks.)

There will be those out there saying, “So what? Wrestling is scripted and he knew ahead of time that he was going to win the title.” While that is very true, they would not have chosen him to hold the title if he hadn’t shown the skill and the determination to prove that he was the caliber of wrestler to hold the title and represent RCW. That alone tells me that he is serious about following this road to wherever it will take him, no matter what.

I am very proud of my little brother Bill. And may the title reign of Superbeast last a long, long time!


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