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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Reality Show Jinx

What an unfortunate night it was for me last night while relaxing at home and watching some TV. My affinity for reality TV allows me to root for those I would like to win and to root against those I think least deserving. I tend to have a history of rooting for people that never ever win any of the competitive reality shows. Last night those I liked the very least on two of my favorite summer shows won the grand prizes.

First, on Big Brother 6, I was disappointed to be faced with Ivette and Maggie as the final two competitors. Unfortunately, none of my favorite players (Janelle, Kaysar, or Howie) made it to the final two. Both of these women were members of a cult-like group called the Friendship, which committed allegiance to each other with no reservations whatsoever. Their attitude to the other houseguests were deplorable, and never giving any thought what their actions might look like to those watching them on TV or on the 24-hour live Internet feeds. When those not in the Friendship won contests voted on by viewers, they could not understand why. They threw tantrums. A member of their alliance called the American public “pieces of sh*t.” They then showed no remorse once the game was ending. I do not know how the final jury (the seven houseguests last voted out) was able to choose between these two to determine who would get the $500,000 grand prize and who would get the $50,000 second prize. I wish there was a “none of the above” category, or that America got some kind of say in how the game turned out, just so that these two would understand how their playing of the game was horrible. Maggie walked away with the money, by a 4-3 vote. Unfortunately, due to this, what I thought was a great season ended on such a sour note.

Second, on Rock Star: INXS, the band chose a new lead singer to replace Michael Hutchence after his suicide in November of 1997. The final choice came down between J.D. and Marty. (Again my season favorite Jordis did not make it to this stage.) While both have great stage presence and really seemed to know who they were musically, J.D. and his action just left a bad taste in my mouth. He made comments, ever when not realizing it, really were slaps in the face to the other musicians. His belief in himself crossed the line of conceit, and made me as a viewer root against him. Of those remaining I hoped that Marty would prevail. Alas, that was not to happen. J.D. won the coveted spot as INXS’ new lead singer, and Marty was left with the opportunity to possibly open for INXS on their national tour. I just wonder if there is a future for this program next summer; is there a popular band out there looking yet again for a lead vocalist?

What did I learn from this? I’m not exactly sure, except that I shouldn’t verbalize who I’m rooting for and against because my favorites tend to lose and those I like least tend to prevail. So don’t ask me who I’m rooting for on Survivor: Guatemala or on The Biggest Loser 2. I’m not telling!


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