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Friday, September 16, 2005

The Big-C

It is a definite shock when a family member tells you when they are sick. It is especially a surprise when a family member tells you that they have cancer. You mind races to the worst case scenario, fully aware that you have to stay positive when you talk to them because no matter how scared you are they are feeling the same thing but only magnified 100 times.

This week my mom told me that she has colon cancer. Last week she was rushed to the hospital with abdominal pain that reminded me of when I had appendicitis in high school. She went to the hospital and they did indeed remove her appendicitis. It was inflamed and oddly colored; one nurse went so far to tell my mom that it was the worst looking appendix that she had ever seen. They went so far to say that it looked gangrenous.

I guess with the condition of the appendix, in addtion to what he saw in my mom’s abdomen and the results of the various tests and x-rays the doctor was able to diagnose colon cancer. He believes that it is stage 1 cancer, which means they believe they have caught it early, but does not yet know for sure. Further tests are needed.

It is very difficult you hear these things about your own mother. I know that no one lives forever, but facing the mortality of a parent is very difficult. It is even more difficult when you live 600 miles away. The feelings of helplessness are overpowering. But I put on a brave face (OK, brave voice) every time I talk to her. I assure her that she can not give up. She needs to fight and live a long life.

It really is amazing how one word such as cancer can send your whole life into a tailspin.


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