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Friday, November 11, 2005

Nice to Hear

This semester marked my return to being an Associate Instructer (AI), and my first foray into leading discussion sections of my own. I was very nervous at first, particularly since the course that I was an AI for (T206) is outside my primary area of study, and was unsure how the semester was going to proceed.

Today marked the last day that my discussion sections meet. As I noted at the beginning of the semester, each of the three sections had their own distinct personalities. Even knowing that, each one was absolutely fabulous to be in.

I came away today with some validation that what I did in those classes was worthwhile. I had one student tell me that I was "the best AI." Another told me that out of all the discussions she's had at Indiana University, this one was the best she ever had.

While I know full well that teaching isn't the main focus in the job for professors (research is) it is a great feeling to know that you impacted your students lives positively and that they enjoyed themselves in the process.


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