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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Odd World News

The city of Nova Iguacu in Brazil passed a law this week regulating the city's bathrooms. Business such as shopping malls, movie theaters, and restaurants are now required to have three bathrooms.

Yes, that's right. Three bathrooms. For those of you wondering why, one is for men, one is for women, and one is for transvestites.

After being told that this news story was on NPR, I decided to look it up online. I found a news story about it from the Chicago Sun-Times.

It seems that Nova Iguacu has a large population of transvestites, and both men and women were uncomfortable sharing public bathrooms with transvestites. The city council took action and passed a bill requiring three bathrooms in many locations. The mayor recently approved the measure.

Is such a law really necessary?


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