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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Impact of Loneliness

I once thought that I could live alone with absolutely no problem. No longer. I’ve found that living alone for an extended period of time really can take a toll both emotionally and psychologically.

I’ve been with the same person now for 10 years. We see each other every day and are big parts of each other’s lives. And during that time I’ve cherished the little bit of alone time that I got. It was because of that that I thought living alone would be no problem.

Now Phil has been gone for just a week. He left last week to teach a short summer course in Canada and then to do some fieldwork. I expect him back sometime in early August. I figured 6 weeks apart would be no problem. Boy was I wrong.

My whole world seems different. My entire mood is different. I find myself spending endless hours at work because all I have to go home to are my cats. (And don’t get me wrong, I love my cats, but conversationalists they are not.) When I’m home I’m depressed. When I’m at school and work I’m depressed too. Only when I’m around other people do I brighten up. It’s like I crave other human company, no matter who it is.

I never thought that loneliness could or would have such an effect on me. I just wish I knew a way to deal with and handle the situation. That is, besides counting the days until Phil is home.


  • Just saying "hello" old friend.

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