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Friday, September 01, 2006

Teaching is Hard

I started as the instructor of record for my first class ever this week. I am teaching a section TEL T348, otherwise known as Audience Analysis.

This first day we did the basic things that virtually every class does the first day. I handed out the syllabus, told my students about me and my class, and then let them go. The real test was what happened on day two.

I gave my first lecture this past Wednesday. It was horrible. I couldn't find my rhythm. I went way too fast and had some of my students turn against me the first day. I felt ridiculous and like I did not belong there.

I now know what I did wrong. I'm going to work next week at making good with my students and make my future lectures better. I'm hoping that my students will allow me a fresh start and not hold the travesty that was my last lecture against me.

Wish me luck!


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